What is Bujinkan?

The Bujinkan (武神館) is an international martial arts organization based in Japan and headed by Masaaki Hatsumi. The program consists of nine separate combat systems practiced by feudal samurai (military) and ninja (special forces). 

Techniques and weapons taught

Dating back several hundred years, Bujinkan martial arts training includes unarmed self-defense (i.e. strikes, throws, holds, chokes, joint-locks) that relies on natural body movement (not muscles); and over a dozen samurai & ninja weapons. 

Have Questions?

Email or call us to schedule a visit.


Both Franklin Canyon and Griffith Park BujinkanBujinkan are managed by Dr. Dante Dionne and assisted by Shidoshi Issac Wolf.

We are fortunate to have the patronage of several international and local Bujinkan Shihan with collectively hundreds of years experience in this art. Firstly, placing our dojo under the Moti Nativ family tree, David Greenberg Sensei continues to provide support and guidance to our group. Eran Conforty Sensei, who resides in the Los Angeles area, has been a supporter since the beginnings of the Franklin Canyon dojo. 

So how do I get started?

  • Send us an email and let us know when you would like to audit a class and to receive directions.

  • First 1-month FREE for new members - If invited to continue, $10/class fee thereafter.

  • Regular training is always FREE for visiting Bujinkan Members.

  • Open to newcomers and visitors on Sundays 9:00am-11:30am in our park location (90027 zip code, email for directions).

  • Open to advanced Bujinkan members on Thursdays 6:00pm -8:00pm in community room location (90004 zip code, email for directions).


What About Precautions?


  • Until there is a widespread cure for CV-19, long/medium/short range weapons will employed to learn the mechanics of the human body. When studying the Martial Arts it is often necessary to come in close proximity with others. To preserve the safety of ourselves and that of our families (this includes each other) we have made the following precautions mandatory for participation. 

  • Please do not attend if you have been sick or have been around sick people in the past couple weeks.

  • Please wear a mask in the presence of others at all times.

  • Bring hand sanitizer for hygiene, a hand towel (for sweat) and plenty of water for hydration.

  • A release form will be provided indicating that all participants agree to abide by these rules. 


  • Dr. Dante Dionne 

    10th Dan Shihan & Dojo-Cho.

    Began training Bujinkan in 1884. Also holds a 3rd Dan in Kendo, Golden Mantis Chi-Gong teaching license and 1st Dan in Tae-Kwon Do.

  • Shidoshi Issac Wolf

    5th Dan Shidoshi

    Actor, author & prior USMC Sgt.

  • Shihan David Greenberg 

    Guest Instructor

    15th Dan, Founder of Franklin Canyon Bujinkan & Tel-Aviv Dojo-Cho.

  • Shihan Eran Conforty

    Guest Instructor.

    15th Dan & Palos Verdes, CA Dojo-Cho.

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