Training Principles

  Kihon Happo - Bujinkan Budo, with its nine schools offers an enormous amount of knowledge. Without solid foundations, the katas (series of movements) or henka (variations while maintaining the kaname, or the essence of the technique) would not work to their full potential. Those foundations are commonly known as kihon happo

Playful Spirit - Unlike academic learning, Bujinkan Budo learning takes place through both practicing and experiencing the 'feeling' of the technique. In order to be conscious, and develop a good flow, training is done in a playful, open environment. This exercise requires both physical and mental focus.

Balancing Martial and Art - The combination of the words martial art requires a delicate balance between the 'martial' and the 'art'. If too much emphasis is placed on modern, practical self defense tactics , the art form may be lost, or become irrelevant. On the other hand, if too much emphasis is placed on art solely, that knowledge may become useless when called for in a real situation.