Sunday Dec. 30th Class – wrapping kihon happo

Hi All,

Sunday training concludes our first year. Starting January, instead of the weekly emails I’ll post on the group website/blog ( and will only use email to send important or time sensitive massages.

We may take a little longer to wrap – we’ll go through all (or depending on time – most) of the kihon happo. While some debate if there is a ‘conclusive’ list,  the core of kihon happo is comprised of “Eight Fundamentals” –

Ichimonji no Kata

Hicho no Kata

Jumonji no Kata

Omote gyaku

Ura gyaku

Ganseki nage


Musha dori

Another interpretation includes a bit more – the eight kata of the kihon happo and the five of the san shin no kata. Please keep in mind that the list may vary, depending who (sometime when) you ask; some dojos  in addition to the list above also add –

hon gyaku (as ura gyaku henka)

ura oni kudaki (henka of omote oni kudaki)

muso dori

Best wishes for 2013!


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