Sunday Dec. 30th Class – wrapping kihon happo

Hi All,

Sunday training concludes our first year. Starting January, instead of the weekly emails I’ll post on the group website/blog ( and will only use email to send important or time sensitive massages.

We may take a little longer to wrap – we’ll go through all (or depending on time – most) of the kihon happo. While some debate if there is a ‘conclusive’ list,  the core of kihon happo is comprised of “Eight Fundamentals” –

Ichimonji no Kata

Hicho no Kata

Jumonji no Kata

Omote gyaku

Ura gyaku

Ganseki nage


Musha dori

Another interpretation includes a bit more – the eight kata of the kihon happo and the five of the san shin no kata. Please keep in mind that the list may vary, depending who (sometime when) you ask; some dojos  in addition to the list above also add –

hon gyaku (as ura gyaku henka)

ura oni kudaki (henka of omote oni kudaki)

muso dori

Best wishes for 2013!


December schedule and Happy Holidays

The remaining three Sundays in Dec. are on the 16th, 23rd and 30th. So far, I’m around and plan to teach our Sundays classes through the month of Dec.

December training concludes our first year of training in Franklin Canyon park. Thank you for coming to train with us, I have learned from each and every one of you – from your questions, techniques, movement styles and interpretations of katas. I have also learned from the knowledge you shared with us from other dojos and martial arts.

The picture of Soke and Noguchi Shihan demonstrates, in my mind, one the hidden treasures of training in Bujinkan as the years go by. Watching a man over 80, and his uke – over 70 – moving with such ease, precision and grace can only inspire the rest of us to train and improve.

 Wishing you Happy Holidays and the very best for 2013! 

Train Safely,


Bujinkan Budo Franklin Canyon

With Dante’s terrific help and support, we’re nearly done developing our group’s website. For now, we simply called it Bujinkan Franklin Canyon. Consider this version still in ‘beta’ and work in progress. Please take a look when you have a few free minutes, I’d love to hear your feedback and welcome your thoughts and ideas for additions, improvement etc. –

The header picture is from Soke’s Tai Kai in 1989. You may recognise some of the (much younger) faces.

And quote from Nuguchi Shihan on the importance of kihon: “In the Bujinkan, everything comes down to the Kihon Happo, which are made up of Tenryaku, Chiryaku and Jinryaku. Tenryaku is the important, initial Shoden stage, wherein the basic forms are created. Chiryaku is the intermediate Chuden level, where forms progress to flows, individuals polish their techniques and it becomes clear whether or not they have the innate temperament to be a martial artist. Jinryaku is the Okudan, whereby all of these come to life within a “void space” and those possessing the heart of a Budoka emerge as complete human beings” –  Yukio Noguchi Shihan