Bujinkan Budo Franklin Canyon

With Dante’s terrific help and support, we’re nearly done developing our group’s website. For now, we simply called it Bujinkan Franklin Canyon. Consider this version still in ‘beta’ and work in progress. Please take a look when you have a few free minutes, I’d love to hear your feedback and welcome your thoughts and ideas for additions, improvement etc. – www.BujinkanFC.com

The header picture is from Soke’s Tai Kai in 1989. You may recognise some of the (much younger) faces.

And quote from Nuguchi Shihan on the importance of kihon: “In the Bujinkan, everything comes down to the Kihon Happo, which are made up of Tenryaku, Chiryaku and Jinryaku. Tenryaku is the important, initial Shoden stage, wherein the basic forms are created. Chiryaku is the intermediate Chuden level, where forms progress to flows, individuals polish their techniques and it becomes clear whether or not they have the innate temperament to be a martial artist. Jinryaku is the Okudan, whereby all of these come to life within a “void space” and those possessing the heart of a Budoka emerge as complete human beings” – ¬†Yukio Noguchi Shihan