Dr. Dante Dionne - Bujinkan Budo Ninjutsu Bio


Dante Dionne, PhD, is the senior instructor of the Bujinkan Franklin Canyon Dojo (BJKNFC) and holds a 5th Dan (godan) teaching license (shidōshi, 士道師) in Bujinkan (武神館) Budo issued by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan.

Dante began his training in the martial arts in the 1970's. Achieving a black belt certification in Korean Tae Kwon Do and a Master teaching certificate in Golden Mantis Chi Gong by the age of 18. While teaching Chi Gong, Dante was introduced to Masaaki Hatsumi's Togakury-Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, which was later re-organized as Bujinkan Budo. After years of training in dozens of combat arts, Dante felt that he finally found the teacher and art that resonated with his Budo spirit. Over 30 years later, Dante still finds great enjoyment in teaching and training in this amazing art with his Bujinkan brothers all across the globe.

After establishing and leading the BJKNFC dojo for several years, Shihan David Greenberg returned to Israel and entrusted continued dojo guidance to Dante. The BJNKFC dojo continues to ally itself with David Greenberg under Moti Nativ's international dojo family tree.